Cutting-Edge Technology

At MG, we believe state of the art technology must deliver tangible efficiency, environmental and safety benefits to our owners.

Tehcnology for tomorrow, today

MG is committed to technology that not only gets you there quicker, safer and more affordably than before, it also contributes to a sustainable future for our people and our planet. We take our commitment to the environment seriously, which is why every new MG is designed and developed to deliver outstanding levels of environmental performance.

Driving Technology

Inside an MG you will be greeted by the latest technology to make your driving experience fun, safe and efficient. Experience things like Apple CarPlay in the MG ZS, automatic rain sensing wipers in the MG3, Bluetooth touchscreen media hub in the MG 6 PLUS and rear parking sensors as standard in the MG GS.

Under the hood, NetBlue and NetGreen are two fundamental technologies MG has developed to ensure our cars use less fuel and keep emissions to an absolute minimum.

Safety tech as standard with every new MG

Each new MG we build comes standard with everything we've learned about vehicle and occupant safety in almost a century of crafting world class cars. At MG, your wellbeing is our number one priority, which is why we ensure our range has the right combination of active and passive safety features to get you home every time.

Every new MG is engineered to keep you safe:

  • Antilock brakes, EBD, Stability Control and other electronic safety systems help prevent accidents
  • The latest passive safety measures for maximum occupant protection

Electric Future Focused

MG's development of all-new electric cars is already well advanced, and when these cutting edge alternatives to fossil fuels arrive in the coming years, they will reduce our environmental footprint even further.